Mejore la experiencia de sus huéspedes
Comuníquese con sus clientes en su idioma
Incremente los ingresos de “Room Service”, Spa, atracciones, etc.


Real-Time Customre Satisfaction Surveys Platfom.
Improve your Business by using Real-Time Customer Satisfaction Surveys


Intreactive Retail Solutions.
Customer serf-service,  Product displays, Signage and in-store averstising, “Picture this” selling.


Join the digital hospitality revolution!
Transform your guest experience.
Interactive Menu for Restaurants, Hotels & Bars.

Our Products

Enhance guests experience

Tablet Connect Guests – Easy & Quick Deployment

Enhance guests experience

HotelUp allows you to Communicate with your guests in their language, Increase revenue of Room and promote complimentary services.
Your guest will receive valuable information regarding activities, shows and attractions in the hotel area and will be able to provide you real time customers satisfaction feedback ,when they are still in the hotel.

Increase average spend

With built-in promotional messaging, upselling suggestions and effective promotion of your services & facilities. HotelUp helps you increase your average guest spend, boosting your bottom line.

Increase guest satisfaction

Happier guests come back. HotelUp helps your guests make the most of their stay, helping to bring their hotel experience to life in a way that complements traditional service.

Analytics Tool

Use the HotelUp analysis tool for insight into the actual experience of your guest and take corrective measures to improve your business processes.

Discover the new restaurant experience

Enhance customer experience in your restaurants, with digital interactive menu, make it easier and quicker for your customers to choose their meal, browsing compelling images. the interactive menu also offer additional information regarding allergenic ingredients, nutrition values and all info is multi language.
It also never been easier to update your menu products and pricing, remotely to all of your locations from one central platform.

Interactive Menu for Restaurants, Hotels & Bars

Tablet Connect Consumers – Easy & Quick Deployment

Increase table rotation

Customers stay less time at the table as:

► No waiting time for a waiters to come and take orders
► Order is sent directly to the kitchen and the bar immediately
► Waitress are not occupied by taking orders, and can serve the meal ones ready

Increase customer satisfaction

► Customers can see what they are going to get
► Multi language menu
► Reduced waiting time, faster service
► Possibility to play entreating content while waiting for the meal
► Receive Customers feedback

Operational Efficiency

► Waitresses are not spending time taking orders
► Waitresses are not spending time explaining each dish
► Serve more customers with less waitresses

Create new revenue streams

► Sponsors will pay the restaurant for promoting their products on each table
► This is the best location and time for them as the customer choose which brand to order at that moment
► Sponsored content also increase the average ticket.
► The restaurant choose the brands and the fees for advertising on its tables

Comply with EU regulation

► Present Allergenic Ingredients
► Present Energetic Values
► Updating pricing or any other information to all locations remotely


► Vibrant Menu Presentation App
► Real Time Menu Updates & Reports
► Integrated with POS
► Easy Upsell Increases Revenue
► Engage Customers

Real-Time Customer Satisfaction Surveys Platform

Improve your Business by using Real-Time Customer Satisfaction Surveys

Cloud based Service – Easy & Quick Deployment

Do you know what your customers really want?

Satisfied customers are your best growth engine, as they will promote (for free) your products and services among new potential customers.
Reitmi platform provide your customers the opportunity to share with you their experience regarding your organization, via few key questions.


Attractive and practical: The physical presence of the tablets invites your customers to share their opinions easily and quickly.

Analytics Tool

Use the Reitmi analysis tool for insight into the actual experience of your customers and take corrective measures to improve your business processes.


Reitmi leverage on historical information to help you anticipate problems and prevent them before they occur.


The best time to receive your customer feedback is immediately when they experienced the service.


You can modify your surveys on te fly, easily and from any remote locations, 1000’s of tablets will be updated automatically regardless their location on the globe.

Real Time Control

The responses are collected centrally, you get real time insights regarding your business, which allow you to take corrective action immediately if necessary.

Deliver next generation shopping experience

The future of retail is at the same time personalized and digital: Customers expect to interact and receive content on their mobile as well as on in-store screens and tablets, find their preferred product quickly, get guidance in the store, and get compelling and relevant promotions based on their location and preferences. ShowStore enable to take the advantage of digital technologies to provide your customers with an engaging and entertaining experience.

Interactive Retail Solutions

Customer self-service, Product displays, Signage and in-store advertising

Tablet Connect Consumers – Easy & Quick Deployment

Increase sales

Reach your business goals quickly, using interactive tablet and assist your customers select products that suit them without an intervention of a salesperson.

Enhance shopping experiences

ShowStore will enable you to leverage technology to provide your customer with a superb shopping experience, using efficient and personalized content, content is related to the customer preferences, and the location of the customer in the store, even when they are on the move. your customer will also be able to try the new collection virtually and get recommendations regarding complimentary products.

Leverage data and analytics

Learn your customer behavior to improve operations and experiences according to new insights and, Improve customer satisfaction and returning customer.

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